Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Would Be Graverobbers

Two boys named Juan and Carlos lived in Spain. They were always up to some kind of mischief to impress their friends. They were only 13 years old, so impressing your friends was a big deal.

They decided to do the most horrific, yet really cool, stunt yet: rob a grave. I mean, what is cooler than having a real skeleton sitting on your porch, right? Well, that is what these boys thought.

The boys waited until nightfall and snuck into a nearby cemetary. They climbed the wall and waited in some bushes to make sure the coast was clear. One of them spotted a shovel next to a freshly built mound. If a real skeleton was cool, then a fresh corpse was even cooler! They began their heist.

The people living near the cemetery heard a noise. It was the sound of digging. They thought it was the dead rising from the grave. Panicked, they picked up every weapon they could find. Cautiously, they went to inspect the cemetery.

After a moment of searching for the course of the noise, someone yelled out, "Over there!" This prompted a full on attack on two pale figures over ghostly. The mob like group stabbed, bludgeoned, and shot the ghostly beings. Satisfied of a job well done, everyone went home and went to sleep.

The next morning, the vigilantes went to inspect their work as saviors of the neighborhood. What they found shocked them all. It was Juan and Carlos, the two mischief makers. The boys were beaten and bloody, heads cracked open, and their brains falling out. The mob realized that hadn't beaten up ghost, but two boys who fancied themselves graverobbers.

In the fear of being arrested for murder, the group burried the two boys in the cemetery. They were put in shallow graves before anyone could find the two broken bodies. The crime was covered up and Juan and Carlos where considered missing.

Since then, the ghosts of the two boys could be heard in the cemetery.  Every night, they dig up and desicrate the graves of their murderers. Sometimes, strange screams can be heard from its interior and some one yelling, "Where are our brains?!" The people who live around the cemetery often find the bones scattered around the cemetery grounds. 

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