Thursday, October 22, 2015

Little Finger

There was a male student who often studied in the University Library until very late. He would only walk back to the dorms when it closed for the night. He had to keep up his good grades, after all.

Every night, he passed by a park that had a swing. He always saw a girl sitting on the swing alone. One night, he decided o go talk to her. From then on, he would always talk with her for a bit before going to his dorm.

Later, he told his friends about her. They, of course, wanted to know what she looked like. After hearing her description, they told him that the girl he described sounded like the teacher's daughter who died in a car accident a few years back. She had lost her little finger.

The next day, he met up with the girl on the swing. He asked if he could see her hand, but she refused. When he demanded to see it, she thrust it out. At the sight of seeing her pinky missing, he ran away in terror.

After that, he would walk by the park every evening. However, the swing was always empty. He never saw the girl again.


  1. This one's actually more sad than scary.

  2. Whyyyyyy??? Why did such a young girl get a horrible fate? Reply if you care😭😭