Friday, October 30, 2015

Slit-Mouth Woman

The Slit-Mouth Woman, or Kuchisake-onna, wanders the streets of Japan at night, wearing a surgical mask and a trenchcoat, and hunting for children. As soon as the sun goes down, those alone on deserted streets become her pray.

As you walk home, a strange noise will come from the shadows. You will see a beautiful woman in a trenchcoat and surgical mask. In Japan, surgical masks are typically worn during flu season and if one has a mild cold, so this sight isn't out of the ordinary.

She steps out to block your path and asks, "Am I beautiful?" Before you can answer, she removes her mask and asks, "Am I beautiful now?"

You will see a grizzly smile cut into her face, going from ear to ear.

Outcome 1: "No"
She pulls out a pair of scissors and kills you by cutting off your head.

Outcome 2: "Yes"
She pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts you from ear to ear. If you try to run, she chases you down and cuts you in half, killing you.

Outcome 3: Noncommittal
By saying that she looks average or normal, the Slit-Mouth Woman will not know what to do. This will give you just enough time to run away.

One legend says that her disfigurement is from plastic surgery gone wrong. Another says that it was from a car crash. And another says she is an escaped mental patient who was so demented that she cut her mouth.

Yet, one legend says that this woman lived many years ago. She was very vain and self-absorbed. Her husband was selfish and brutal. He was convinced that his beautiful wife was being unfaithful. One night, in a fit of rage, he took his sword and cut her mouth from ear to ear, yelling, "Who will think you are beautiful now?" She became a vengeful spirit that wears a surgical mask to hide her scars.

In 2004, South Korea had reports of a red masked woman chasing children. In 2007, a coroner found records from the 1970s of a woman who was chasing children and was hit by a car. She died shortly after, her mouth cut from ear to ear.

In the U.S., there is a clown that stalks bathrooms and asks children, "Do you want death or happy smile?" If they ask for "happy smile", he cuts their mouths from ear to ear.

Here is a video for your enjoyment.

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