Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Casa Encantada

Casa Encantada (translation: enchanted house) was built in the 19th century. It was bought and constructed by the Heredia family of Malaga, one of the wealthiest families of Andalucia, Spain, at that time.

There are 365 windows in the mansion, on for eace ay of the year. It was constructed as part of a plan to make the farm into a grand agricultural enterprise.

In 1925, the Jurado family gained control of the property. In Malaga, they call it "the haunted mansion". This is because there are ghostly apparitions that appear, mysterious voices scream out, and unexplained sound come from the building. It is known as the most haunted building in Spain and is a kind of temple for those who believe in paranormal phenomena.

The legend goes that the Heredia family would get together with other rich families of the time. Together, the families would kidnap girls between the ages of 18 and 21. The poor victims would be subjected to dark satanic rituals, some involving rape and murder. They say that the bodies of the young girls are buried within the property. While many girls did go missing during the time, no one can prove that the Heredia family was ever involved.

Locals say that the family used their money and influence to pay off authorities and evade justice. Whatever the truth may be, the fans of the paranormal still believe that the pain and suffering that happened within those now crumbling walls has led to unexplainable ghostly phenomena.

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