Friday, October 9, 2015


Slenderman is a new urban legend compared to many others, even if it has been around for 30+ years. He is described as a man in a blackbusiness suit, being six feet tall or more, having no face, and sometimes supporting tenticals that come out of his back.

His primary victims are children and teenagers under the age of 16. However, he does go after adults, which this account is an reenactment of such an event. However, he only goes after adults if they catch his eye. How this is done, no one knows, but it does happen.

He is primarily found near a group of trees where it is most often deserted or frequented by children. This could be fore various reasons. It could be because they are his primary target, so a playground near trees is perfect for Slenderman. Some people have said he is the protector of abused children, perhaps because he was one himself, and simply observes the children for signs of the same kind of trama. It is said that he died in the forest, so that is why a forest, or small grove of trees, is often near where he has been sighted. However, he does sometimes appear in rural areas to get his victims. Either way, he will be found in places where he can easily hide. For once, you don't want a sharp eye.

It is said he was beat with a log, stabbed with a two foot long stick, and hung from a tree, all of his joints dislocated. All of this accounts for his appearance, except for his lack of a face. No one knows why he is faceless.

He isn't stuck to one specific time of day, or even one region of the work. Slenderman reports pop up everywhere and goes by many different names, including:
  • Slender Man
  • Slenderman
  • The Tall Man
  • The Thin Man
  • Der Grossman
  • Der Schlanker Mann
  • Fear Dubh
  • Schlankwald
  • Slendy
  • The Pale One
  • The White King
  • Master
  • Black King
Whatever he is called, what happens when he is sighted is always the same. His appearance causes amnesia, paranoia, and people to act strangely. Electronics, such as televisions and cameras, will react to his presence. He also makes people feel many different emotions upon seeing him, most prominent being fear.

Not long after seeing him, the said person will disappear. There will be no evidence showing them leaving or signs of a struggle. Sometimes, all there that is left behind is a peice of a black suit. This is because looking at the spot on his face where his eyes are meant to be will cause him to hypnotize his intended victim. It is said that turning your back on him will keep him from hypnotizing you.

Slenderman can either be malicious or benevolent. If he is particularly angry, he will kill you and do any number of things to you, from stuffing your organs in bags to pulling your heart out though your mouth. If he isn't angry, he will only watch you, driving you crazy until you are a shell of your former self. Still, the most prominent way of going is him stealing his victims in the middle of the night.

Below is a video on the Slenderman. However, viewer discretion is advised as there are things in the video that are quite disturbing. Please, watch with caution.

Here is also the latest 20/20 segment on the reported Slenderman Stabbing Case. If you can believe it, some people want to go with Slenderman. We do not advise you to follow in their footsteps as legal actions will be taken and you will go to jail. And here is a news article on the case.


 UPDATE: Due to lack of plea from the suspects, the judge ruled that both girls were pleading "Not Guilty". They will be tried as competent adults, as opposed to incompetent adolescents. If found guilty, both girls will spend 65 years in prison with a bail of $500,000. This is a longer sentence than if they were tried in juvenile court, where they would be sent "to a secure facility until the age of 25."

UPDATE2: There will be a Slenderman movie that will begin production this fall and will be out Fall 2017. Here is the article from