Sunday, October 25, 2015


When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. We all learned this in school. Nearly everyone in the city of Pompeii died. Many were encased in rock, looking like they were still running away, sleeping, or gathering things from their homes. This natural disaster was seen as punishment from the Gods.

Women, children, men, elderly, all were wiped out in an instant. Those that survived had problems later on due to breathing in the ash from the eruption. Many of the surviving children didn't live long after due to smoke and ash in their little lungs.

Why would the Gods punish an entire city? Some of the survivers said that greed and debauchery ran rampid in Pompeii, and worship of the Gods nearly nonexistent. Others said that it was because of love, but each story was a different one, each person having a different ending. One story had a god loving a mortal, another a child of the Gods loving a mere mortal, and yet another story of a princess loving a poor farmer and the Gods punish the town for not letting the lovers marry. What ever the reason, all stories agree on the outcome.

Today, people flock to visit the ruins of Pompeii to see the rocks that once we ghuman, imagine the rubble as it once was, and for the reminder of how everything can end in an instant.

And ghosts? Well, people have reported seeing shadowy figures in the ancient Pompeii, heard disembodied screams from nowhere, and smelled sulfer with no source nearby. With so many dying instantly, they could be reliving their last moments for all eternity, searching for hidden objects long since gone, or warning us of what comes from sin. Whatever their reason for staying behind, their mark on history is forever set.

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