Monday, October 26, 2015

El Carro de las Brujas

In Mexico, there is a mysterious red car that travels between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Normally, it is only men walking alone at night who see it. They call it "El Carro de las Brujas" or "The Carriage of the Witches".

Normally,there are only 2-3 women inside, but there can be upwards to 5 sitting in the luxury vehicle. They are all extremely beautiful, lik supermodels. They seduce the man into getting into their car. They use sensual language, erotic body language, and promise to fulfill his dreams.

But it is a trap. The man who accepts their invititation and gets into the car is usually found sometime later. He will be dead with bruises and cuts all over his body, arcane symbols covering his skin. It I obvious that he has been used as a sacrifice to the devil in a dark ritual.

They say the red lining of the car is from the victims blood.

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