Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lucedio Abbey

This haunting begins when the Cistercian monks lived here in the year 1123. People were sent here to receive judgement, get baptized, and more. The monks even introduced rice cultivation to the area! But, the monks had turned their backs on God and the Christian faith, instead turning to worshiping the devil.

The Abbey became a place of nightmares. The monks often kidnapped vilagers and sacrificed them to their dark master. Eventually, the Catholic church found out what was happening at Lucedio. They had the fallen monks put on trial. They were executed and the Abbey shut down.

For years after, the people were forbidden to enter. It was said that the evil was never fully exorcized.

Today, however, people can take tours of this once dark place and see the creepy events. They can see a pillar in the judgement room become wet for no reason. The people say that it "cries" from all the evil it has seen. In one area, a mysterious fog appears, cause unknown.

The creepiest part of all is the crypt, where all the abbots were buried. It was believed that an evil presence was captured and locked down there and needed guarding so that it never escaped. A fair few holy Cistercian abbots were positioned in a circle around the crypt, almost like they were keeping the evil at bay. In time, the abbots became mummified and preserved.

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