Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth, North Wales

Not the real bridge
An old woman decided to make a contract with the Devil himself ond day in early winter. Upset that her cattle were stranded across the gorge, the Devil came to her and offered his help.

The Devil said, "Return here the next morning and bridge will be built. However, I then get to claim the life and soul of the first living thing to cross it."

The woman agreed. The next morning, she went to the gorge's edge with her faithful dog. She was amazed to see a bridge where none had been before.

The Devil was egar to claim his own prize, but the woman was wilier than he had intisipated. She threw some food across the bridge and the dog ran to fetch it. The Devil got his wish, but he had to make do with the dog's soul rather than the woman's.

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