Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Charlotte was said to be a prostitute. She fell in love with a soldier. But that is where the happiness ends. In Room 10, she was taken from the world of the living and entered limbo.

One version says she got a letter saying her lover had died in combat. She threw herself out the window and died from her injuries. Another says she was with a client, but he refused to pay, he beat her to death, and threw her out the window.

Now she stalks Room 10, though sh does travel all over the hotel and the surrounding grounds. However, she isn't malevolent. Guest have reported flowers being rearranged by Charlotte, their clothes being folded neatly the next morning, mirrors moving around, and Charlotte talking to an unknown friend. She is quite the prankster though. Often, she rings the bell for room service to send food to Room 22, even though there is no such room.

At night, moans can be heard from the room when it's empty, but there is no indication if they are good or bad. Though, men tend to have strange occurrences happen in Room 10. One man spent the night in the haunted room an reported seeimg a lusty lady in the doorway. He then passed out. He woke up sprawled on the floor and feeling spent. He had this foggy memory of having sex with Charlotte, the hotels oldest resident. So men, be wary.

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