Saturday, October 10, 2015

People Can Lick, Too


There was this girl who was left alone one night with only her large collie for protection. Her parents told her to lock all the doors and windows once they were gone. She did just that.

However, there was a window in the basement that was hard to shut. She kept trying and she got it shut but she couldn't lock it. She decided to put some boxes in front of it and dead bolt the basement door shut.

She then had dinner and fed her dog. After that, they went to bed. She had her hand hanging over her bed and let her furry friend lick her hand as she fell asleep.

Suddenly, she was awoken by a dripping sound. She thought that she may not have turned the faucet off all the way and now it was dripping. She hung her hand over the edge of the bed and felt the tongue of her dog. She fell back asleep.

She awoke later at 3:45 in the morning. The dripping seemed to be a little bit faster. It was scaring her. She put her hand back down and her dog licked her hand again. Again, she fell asleep.

At 6:52, she had enough of the dripping. Then she saw her parents pull into the drive way. She sighed happily.

"Now someone can fix my faucet," she said. "Because I know I didn't leave it on."

She opened her bathroom door and screamed. There, hanging from from the curtain rod, was her poor collie. It had been killed and skinned. The dripping noise she had been hearing was its blood dripping in a puddle on the floor. She ran to her room to get a weapon in case someone was still in her house. There, on the floor by her bed, was a note written in blood that said, "PEOPLE CAN LICK, TOO."

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