Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moving Virgin Mary Statue in Ballinspittle

In 1985, a man was out walking late one night and looked upon the statue of the Virgin Mary. He swore he saw it levitate. Being a retired police officer, he went to investigate after it was back on its base. He determined that it was no hoax.

Afterwards, the legend spread like wildfire. Other people stepped forth, claiming to have seen the statue rise up and off its foundations. Ballinspittle isn't the only place across Ireland to have these moving statues.

Kathy O'Mahony, a devout caretaker of the Ballinspittle shrine, went on television to talk about the life like statue. She claimed it began moving its head from side to side, as if looking around, and the statue was breathing.

Many have tried to prove the moving statues as hoaxes. John Murry, Ballinspittle's garda sergeant, was one such person. Her did a thorough investigation, going at the statue from every angle and trying to move it in any many. He was unsuccessful every time.

The Catholic Church is simply calling in an illusion and remain reluctant on taking a firm stance on the matter. Even 30+ years after this legend got started, they remain silent on the matter of the moving Virgin Mary statues of Ireland.

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