Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Picton is a mere 80km (nearly 50 miles) southwest of Sydney, Australia. It is the historical town in Wollondilly Shire. It just might be the most haunted place down under.

It is maimed after a general from the Battle of Waterloo. It is a quaint little town. So quaint, many of the residents decided they never wanted to leave. There are such a large variety of ghosts there, it wouldn't be a surprise to find almost every known kind and maybe even a few unknown types of specter!

Here is a short list:

  • Naturally, there are a handful of white ladies looking for their murderers.
  • Some shop ladies try to help their living employers by moving shop signs, but they move the signs to attract invisible swimers by the railway viaduct. Not the kind of business I'd want to drum up.
  • The maternity ward holds the sounds of a ghostly infant's cries and an evil matron may try to strangle you in your sleep. I wouldn't want to stay their over night with my child.
  • Imperial Hotel houses a jukebox that starts playing on its own, even when unplugged.
  • The cemetery is home to two playful spirits, a boy and a girl. They are dresses in period dress and will often show up in photos. While other spirits may live here, these two are the more famous and well documented of them all.
  • The most famous ghost lives in Picton Tunnel. A young woman named Emily Bollard was walking home late at night in 1916. She was using the tunnel as a shortcut. She was greeted by an oncoming train. The cowcatcher carried her mangled body all the way to the station in town. They say you can still meet poor Emily in the tunnel, forever running from her fate.

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