Friday, October 16, 2015

Cosmetic Sesame

A young girl, obsessed with being beautiful, was worried that her skin wouldn't look young and smooth enough. She tried many different creams and moisturizer, but she was never happy with them. One day, she asked a friend for some help.

"You should try putting sesame seeds in your bath," said the friend. "They do wonders. Just soak for an hour, okay?"

That day, she bought some seeds and put them in her bath. Her mother checked on her after an hour by knocking on the door.

"Just a minute," called the girl.

At the two hour mark, her parents became worried. So, her mother knocked again.

"Just a minute," she said again.

After three hours, her parents were exasperated. Her mother opened the door and peaked inside. There, in the corner of the bathroom, was the girl. She was using a tooth pick to pop out sesame seed from where they had lodged themselves into her pores.

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