Monday, October 19, 2015

Redang Island

While this story takes place in Malaysia, it is actually a French story. That is why it only has France as it's country tag.

A group of six friends (three boys and three girls) decide to go on a Malaysian vacation. It was their first trip as boyfriends and girlfriends. They had a layover in Singapore, so from there, they went to the Redang Island (Malaysian: Pulua Redang). From the airport, they went to their hotel and unpacked.

That night, they went to the hotel bar and had a grand old time. They just happened to over hear a conversation at another table. There were two elderly men at the table. One was telling a very strange story.

"...and all my friends are gone," he said. "All four of them. Two just vanished. The other two committed suicide. I rue the day we set foot on the island!"

The friends were very interested and listened intently.

The story continued, "The island is cursed! It is shaped like a crescent moon and has the most beautiful beach you have ever seen. It looks tranquil and serene in the daylight, but everyone who has visited the island has died a horrible death.

"The first person to claim the island was Cheeming Magot, a Malaysian man. He built a shack on the rocky out crop for his wife to live in. He was murdered by persons unknown and his wife drowned at sea.

"Years later, a young couple moved to the island with their servant girl. The husband fell in love with the girl and they began to have affair. When the wife found out, the husband and servant ran to the forest and committed double suicide, though it was never explained. The wife's boat over turned at sea and her body never recovered."

The friends were intrigued by the story. The next day, they went to charter a boat, but no one would dare take them to the island. Most refused to take them, others just didn't talk about it.

However, they eventually found a fisherman that would take them for $300. At noon that day, all six friendsgathered on the dock and bourded the little fishing vessel. For most, it would be the last time theythey were seen alive.

Ten days later, the front page of thw Malaysian newspapers read:
"Police are searching for six young people who disappeared from Redang Island. Their whereabouts are unknown."

They showed a picture of the three boys and three girls.

On the twelfth day, three bodies washed up on the shore of one of the islands around Redang. It was the three boys. They were cut and bruised. On was missing an arm and an ear, the other two were horribly mutilated. But all three were alive.

They were quickly taken to the hospital nearby and they were saved. But none of them were able to remember the last twelve days.

A few weeks later, two of the three were dead. They were found hanging by their necks in their hospital rooms. One had a note pinned to him, saying:
"The last survivor of the Cursed Island will die soon and then the secret will be safe."

The last survivor was placed under surveillance. He attempted to take his own life, but the nurses stopped him. He survived, but he had a note pinned to his gown. It said:
"From now on, anyone who sets foot on the Cursed Island will be reduced to ashes."

Since then,the tale of the Cursed Island has been hushed by the government as best as it can be. It's name was changed, it was removed from the maps, and tour guide books with it listed hve since been destroyed.

A few years back, the last survivor died. Heart attack. When his body was found, he held a hastly written note that stated:
"The last i s dead. The curse fulfilled. Don't look for the Cursed Island. All you will find is madness and death."


  1. I just went to redang and a korean woman died she was found on shore

  2. My legs are trembling as I read this. I'm getting a little short of breath the way I do when I scared, panicked, or stressed. This is literally the scariest story I have ever read so far. Even the story Slit-mouthed woman isn't this scary.........