Monday, October 26, 2015

Death By Fan

In South Korea, people believe that electric fans can kill. Yes, it is strange that some of the world's smartest people believe in something we Americans don't even think twice about. However, stranger things have happened and are believed in everyday.

Many in South Korea think that you will die in your sleep if an electronic fan is in you room at night, but only if the doors and windows are closed. For this reason, fans sold in South Korea have timers built in so they will shut off after a while.

The belief is that fans can suck the oxygen out of the room and you die from asphyxiation. They could, instead, lower the temperature so much that you can freeze to death if it is pointed at you during the night.

While science proves the superstition wrong, when has that stopped people from believing? Also, the Korea Herold, a newspaper, reported in 2011:

A man reportedly died Monday morning after sleeping with an electric fan running. The 59 year old victim, known only by his surname, Min, was found dead with the fan directly facing him.

Another story is about a group of American boys had a Korean roommate that believed in fan death. When they found out, they teased him by going into their room with six fans running. The roommate begged them to not throw away their lives and slept in the hallway. When all six Americans came out the next morning, the Korean roommate was convinced that they had opened a window during the night and were tricking him.

However, Korea isn't the only country to have strange superstitions. In China, it is believed that sitting on a warm surface will give your hemorrhoids, while in Britain, cold surfaces will give you hemorrhoids. In Peru, standing in front of a fridge too long will give you cancer. The people of the Czech Republic believe that drinking water after eating fruit causes stomach problems. And parents in the Philippines stop their children from wearing red during a storm, fearing that red will cause them to get struck by lightning.

However, having an electric fan in a closed off room with someone will get you arrested for attempted murder. Better safe than sorry, right?

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