Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Werewolf of Bedberg

Peter Stubbe also went by Peter Stumpp and Peeter Stumpf. You can look him up under those names or his nickname, the Werewolf of Bedburg. This is a true story.

For many years, farmers of Bedburg, Germany, were baffled by the sudden death of their cattle and sheep. They were found dead in the fields and partially eaten. The farmers suspected that a wild and vicious Wolfe wax behind the attacks.

Then, women and children started going missing. Some were found later, maimed and half eaten. Others were never found. When body parts were found strune over the farmer's fields, the village panicked about who the next victim would be.

The farmer's put together a band of hunters. They got their dogs and went looking for the wolf responsible for all the deaths in the village. They followed the wolf tracks for hours and saw it. They set their dogs on him. When the dogs had the beast cornered, the men can to view the monster, only to find a naked man cowering against a rock.

The most shocking part was that everyone knew the man before them. It was Pete Stumpp, one of the wealthiest farmers in the village and all around good guy. Convinced that he was a werewolf, the took him to the courthouse. There, the authorities tortured him until he confessed to the murder and consumption of fourteen children and two pregnant women.

He said that he had turned his back on God at age twelve and began worshipping the devil. He then received a girdle that could transform him into "the likeness of a greedy, devouring wolf, strong and mighty,with eyes great and large, which in the night sparkled like fire, a mouth great and wide, with most sharp and cruel teeth, a huge body, and mighty paws." Of course, removing the belt turned him back into a man.

For many years, he survived off of the villagers' livestock in his wolf form, but his lust for huma flesh became too much, so he finally gave in to this hunger. He began attacking women and children, feasting on them. He said he "ate their heats, panting hot and raw."

One of the children he killed washis own son. He said that he took the boy into the woods. Once there, he put the belt on, transformed, and killed him. Then, he broke his son's skull open and ate his brains. Peter described them as a "most savoury and dainty delicious."

After the murders, he would often walk around in his human form and smile at the people who's children or relative he had just consumed. They never once suspected him as the culprit.

Peter was found guilty and sentenced to be tortured to death. His daughter, Sybil, and mistress, Katherine Trump, were found guilty of being accomplices. The execution took place on October 31, 1589.

Peter was taken out and strapped to a wheel. His flesh was pealed off with red-hot burning pincers. Next, his arms and legs were broken with a hammer so that he couldn't return from the grave. Lastly, he was beheaded and his body burned at the steak. His daughter and mistress were also burned for he part they played in the murders.

After the execution, the wheel that Peter had been tortured on was placed on a pole with sixteen ribbons ganging from it, one for each innocent victims. A real wolf was placed on top, but it's head was replaced with Peter's. It was a warning to everyone who dared to warship Satan and turn into a werewolf.

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