Friday, October 16, 2015

The Choking Dog

Because of the dog's breed, this story is also known as "The Choking Doberman. Pet livers love and hate this story.

There was this woman who lives in the suburban neighborhood outside of a city. She was the proud mother of a Doberman Pinscher. One night, she came home from work and found her dog choking.

She tried to clear the obstruction, but had no luck. She picked up the dog and loaded him in her car. Then, she took the dog to the nearest vet.

After a look at he dog's throat, the vet said that surgery was needed. Whatever the poor animal was choking on was lodged deep inside. The vet told the frantic owner to go home and he would call her with an update after the surgery. She left, crying, as her dog kept gasping for air.

She drove straight home. Just as she closed the door behind her, her phone rang. It was the vet. He urgently told her that she really, badly, needed to go ro a neighbor's house right now, police were heading her way.

Scared, she went to a neighbor's and waited for police to arrive. When she saw the cruiser pull up, she went to talk with police. They explained that they needed to search her house. To her surprise, they upholstered their guns, and went inside. She was confused, so she called the vet.

He told her, "I cleared the obstruction in your dog's throat. When I saw what it was, I called the police. He was choking on a human finger."

After the police searched her home, they found a masked man in her closet. He had a knife and was holding his right hand, cowering in pain. Three of of his fingers were missing.