Sunday, October 4, 2015


Corney is a ghost that was just a wee bit mischievous. The family that first owned his in Dublin knew when this poltergeist was around by the mimiced sound of a cane on the floor. He would then speak loudly to the family and servants. He was named Corney by the family. He accepted it butmade sure everyone knew it wasn't his name.

Corney was a complete nuisance. He played pranks on the terrified servants constantly. They thought he was confused to coal cellar in the kitchen and asked for quarters on the upper floors. It was soon clear Corney wasn't confined to one area. One, the pranks moved with the servants. And two, he said so.

On top of that, Corney revealed a little about himself. His true nature began to emerge. He even said that he had been a bad man who had a bad death. However, he refused to tell the family where his body was because God was angry with him and he didn't want to move on.

But the family put up with the malicious Corney, at least for a little bit. It eventually got too much and the family decided to move. True to form, Corney haulted their attempts to leave. He would speak to potential buyers and drive them away.

However, the lady of the house talked to Corney. She seems to be the only one he actually respected. Soon, the house was sold to a widow and the family happily left.

No one knows how well the widow and Corney got along, but we can only guess it wasn't a good relationship. The house is vacant angin.

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