Thursday, September 24, 2015

Schneider’s Alley

Schneider's Alley is now known as Andrew's Walk. You can find it on Google Maps under that name. It is a long, winding path among trees to an old mansion.

In early 20th century Adelaide, Australia, Dr. Schneider acquired his mansion, where he lived with his wife and two daughters. It is said that they lived their happily for five years when the good doctor's family died. He then went mad in his greif. On the 40 sq. km. around the house, it is said he treated his patients away from his family in a cabin he had built. After his family's death, this cabin that used to help patients became a place of torture.

Dr. Schneider preformed surgeries without any form of anaesthesia. Neighbors reported screams and cried of pain coming from the property. Many believed that the doctor was performing demonic rituals. An investigation was eventually conducted, but only after the doctor had died. He was found in his house, limbs and the bodies of his dead family found with him. A police officer took a photo of what appeared to be the corpse of his wife.

It wasn't until a video from YouTube went viral in 20011 did the supposed hauntings of Andre's Walk become really famous. Much to the dismay of locals, tourists flock to the area to see ghosts and hear screams of Schneider's victims. The video is only five minutes long, but it has made a mark in the hearts of thrill seekers world wide.

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