Friday, September 25, 2015

El Tunchi

El Tunchi is a spirit that protects the rainforests of the Amazon. What it is, no one can really say. It could either be the combined spirits of those who took their last breath in its woods or the spirit of a man who got lost and died among the trees.

Either way, it attracts its victims by whistling a short tune. The more you hear it, the more the urge to whistle back becomes. Once you repeat the tune, the eerie wraith descends upon you. Locals don't respond to its whistle and urge tourists to do the same. No one wants to aske the Spector to come play, after all.

But, if you just can't resist and whistle, you will get an other worldly visitor. Now, depending on your respect for the flora and fauna depends on what happens to you.

If you plant trees, let the animals stay in their homes, and try to keep your carbon footprint down, El Tunchi will only scare you before heading off. However, if you steal away animals, cut down trees constantly, and pollute because you can, stay away from rainforests in Brazil. Odds are, you won't make it back for Christmas.

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