Monday, September 28, 2015

Island of the Dolls

On a hard to reach island near Mexico City, Mexico, a little girl's spirit is said to roam. The man who found her dead body on his floating guarden's shore 50+ years ago, Don Julian Santana, was haunted by her tortured spirit. He found a discarded doll in the water. In honor of the little girl, he decided to hang the doll on the tree.

However, one doll wasn't enough. Any doll that he caught floating down the river ended up in a tree. Some dolls have missing limbs or heads, some body parts are missing dolls, and some are a modge podge of different body parts. Some dolls have been bleached while others look fairly new. When Don Julian couldn't find dolls in the river, he would buy some on his rare trips to the city. Soon, every tree was filled with dolls.

Even during the day, the blank eyes of the dolls follow visitors around. They are even more haunting at night and are said to house the spirits of every child who drown in the water that the island floats on, but this is unknown. The only known spirit on the island is that of the original little girl.

During Don Julian's time, the island wasn't supposed to be a tourist attraction, but became infamous after his tragic death in 2001. Just like the little girl who's spirit he tried to appease, Don Julian drown in the canal. Television crews did a scoop on the island, and those into the bazaar and creepy flocked to the island. Some even reported hearing the dolls whisper to each other as they walk by and their soulless eyes watch them as they walk around. And it's all thanks to Don Julian's innocent and admirable actions to appease the restless spirit of a child taken from this world too soon.

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