Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Old Woman of Ostankino

The name of this district comes from "ostanki", which means " remains in Russian. The television towere which stands there was built on the sight of an old cemetery.

Some 500+ years ago, the Old Woman of Ostankino first appeared. She appeared to the first ruler of Ostankino, Boyar Satin, and forbid himfrom tilling the land because it would upset the dead. She was chased out of town and the land tilled. Soon after, the Boyar fell to disgrace and and was excited.

She also appeared to Tsar Paul. She said he wouldn't live past spring. She was right. Alexander II also met her. The Old Woman said that he would die at the hands of an infidel. Again, she was right. Alexander II was killed by a member of Narodnaya Volya, a leftist party.

Before the riot on the TV tower, she appeared again. She said that the area would smell of blood. Soon, it did smell of blood. This was in October of 1993. And in 2000, she was spotted before the tower caught fire, where four people died.

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