Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One, Two, One, Two

In South Korea, getting good grades is a big pressure for Kids. Parents are strict when it come to academics. Many kids hire tutors and even go back to school just o study. Many areas have a school library curfew of 10pm! Many kids stay up late studying and then fall asleep in class, which is a huge problem.

Sun-Hi was a girl who would often sneak back into school to study with friends. One day, they went about work as usual. Sun-Hi went to the restroom and told her friends she would be back. Only the library light was on and the rest of the school dark. The bathroom was only a few doors down the hall, so it didn't bother her to go alone.

Back in the library, a knocking came from the library window. A boy opened he curtains and everyone saw a pale old woman tapping on the window with her eyes closed. They wondered why she would be out this late. Then, she opened her eyes.

Only, there were no eyes. Just dark empty pits. She took her finger and shattered the glass. Sun-Hi, still in the bathroom, was about to wash her hands and never heard th e screams of terror coming from the library. Suddenly, the lights in the bathroom went out and the screaming stopped. Sun-Hi preceded to was her hands in total darkness. She then made her way back to the library, though she wished she hadn't.

Before her stood a grisly scene. All the students in the library were dead. Some were on the floor, others hanging off of desks or cabinets. Sun-Hi couldn't understand it. But she didn't have too much time to ponder the massacre. Footsteps were coming down the hall and headed her way.

Being very clever, Sun-Hi threw herself on the floor next to her dead friends and lay there. She kept very still and quiet. Something quietly slipped into the room and went to each corpse and counted out, "One, two... One, two... One, two..."

Out of curiosity, Sun-Hi peeked at whatever it was. She saw a ghostly woman, dressed in white. Sun-Hi closed her eyes, fighting the urge to scream. The woman came ever closer.

"One, two... One, two... One, two..."

Sun-Hi hoped the ghost would leave soon.

"One, two... One, two... One, two..."

Sun-Hi tried not to attract its attention.

"One, two... One, two... One, two..."

She remains still as it got closer.

"One two... One, two... One, two..."

It almost next to Sun-Hi. She tried not to breath.

Then, the counting stopped. Sun-Hi tried to listen for even the slightest noise. It was suspiciously quiet. Sun-Hi waited several minutes. She thought the ghost was gone. She lifted her head and opened her eyes.

Crouched directly over Sun-Hi was the ghost. One boney finger pointed directly at the girl's horrified face.

"One, two!" Yelled the ghost as it plucked out her eyes.


  1. This is a stupid story there is spelljng errors that is how tou know this story is FAKE!

    1. You have spelling errors too as i can see and it's a korean urban legend . The urban legends are not real

  2. Also it is called a legend, legends are never real.

  3. lol I love south korea but I have school and plus they told you not to go to school for a reason you big dummy