Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grey Lady of Cambridge Military Hospital

The ghost of a nurse is said to roam the halls of this now abandoned hospital. It is said that, in life, she had accidentally overdosed a patient, who later died.

She killed herself due to the grief this caused her. It is said that she was a sister nurse in aiding the healing of wounded soldiers. Now, she is a ghost.

Patients who have seen her died later. Her sightings mean that the patient is going to die later that day. All she does is try to make the patients in her wards happy before they die.

Ofter, she will leave behind he scent of lavender. Staff member who have seen her usually see her after her rounds late at night. Many would take the stairs up and down to avoid wards 10-12.

The building was abandoned in 1996 due to outrageous costs and asbestos in the walls. Police patrol the building in and out to discourage people from entering. Many still get chills walking the halls at night.

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