Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Username Warning

One day, a boy was surfing the internet and found a site that let you read scary stories. He wanted to leave a comment, so he registered with the username, Devil666. Instantly, his inbox was flooded with private messages saying things like "We love you, Satan!" and "All hail the dark Lord!" It freaked him out so much that he turned off his computer and unplugged his internet.

The next day, a group of Satanists stormed his house and bowed before the boy, worshipping him. Later, they killed his parents and took over the house. They drank, smoked, and ate everything in the house. That night, they put on black robes and recited prayers backwards. The boy grew horns, pointy ears, and a barbed tail. He also began to smell of sulfer.

A teenage girl also found the site and used the name Unidentified_Victim. A few hours later, a group of serial killers broke into her house. They started to fight over who would kill her. They started to kill each other over it. While they were stabbing each other, the girl made a break for it.

As she was running across the road, a car hit her. The next day, the police managed to clean up her remains as best as they could. However, she hadn't carried any form of I.D. The police could never identify her. She was burried in an unmarked grave and her parents never learned what happened to their little girl.

Another young girl used the name ClownLover14. Within minutes, a gang of clowns was banging on her door. She refused to let them in, so thy started peeking through windows and the mail slot. The clowns were drooling and telling her how cute she was.

The girl's mother called the police and most of the clowns were arrested. However, on her way to school, a black van pulled up and blocked her path. When she turned to run, a big hairy clown stepped out and grabbed her. He kidnapped her and they found her corpse on the side of the road a few days later.

A married man loved in with the name JoannaCutie. He started getting creepy, flirtatious emails from fourteen year old boys. He had to use the restroom and got a surprise. When he made the mirror, he saw he had luscious blond hair and an ample bosom.

He ran downstairs to the kitchen to tell his wife. When she saw him, she yelled, "I knew he was cheating on me!" He tried to explain, but his wife slapped him in the face and pulled his hair. After a while, the two women shared a bottle of wine and cried bitterly about how terrible men are.

Since then, people have been careful about the usernames they use on the site.

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