Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Justin Bieber Riddle

There was a young girl who had a terminal disease and spent most of her time in the hospital or her bed due to her condition. Because of this. She didn't have any friends. And no one to play with. Over time, her condition worsened and her stays in the hospital were longer.

Eventually, the doctors had to give the mother the bad news. They took her aside and told her that the girl had a short time to live. One day, hearing the young girl's story, a man that worked for a charity organization went to see the mother to see if he could help.

"Is there anything we could do for your daughter?" he asked.

"I just wish there was a way to cheer her up," said that mother.

The charity worker smiled and said, "We might be able to help. Sometimes, when a child is terminally ill, charity organizations will arrange for them to meet their favorite celebrity. Will this cheer her up?"

"I believe it would," said the mother in excitement.

"Who is her favorite singer?"

"Justin Bieber, of course!"

Within days, the girl was in the hospital and the nurses told her that she had a special visitor. The girl could hardly contain her joy when Justin Bieber walked in. He sat next to her and kissed her forehead. Then he took her hand.

"Tell me your heart's desire," he said in a soft voice. "I can make all your wishes come true."

She began crying and said, "All I want is to be cured of this disease, make a lot of new friends, and be able to play again."

Justin looked deep into her eyes and lovingly stroked her hair, then he held her pillow while saying, "I'll make your wish come true."

"Can you really?" the girl asked, her big blue eyes looking up at him.

Justin whispered in her ear, "I promise."

Within minutes, the girl was free of her incurable disease and she was never troubled by it again. Soon after, the hospital sent her home with her mother. Not being confined to a bed, she was able to make new friends and played all the time.

Everything seemed to have worked out, but something strange happened. Justin Bieber went to prison and all the girl's friends are dead.

So, here is your riddle: Why did Justin Bieber go to prison, what happened to he little girl, and why are all of her friends dead?

ANSWER (highlight to reveal): Justin suffocated the girl with her pillow and all of her friends are ghosts.

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