Friday, November 13, 2015

Black-Eyed Children

Black-Eyed Children (BEK) are a group of young people, most often young kids, that have solid black eyes. This means that no other color can be seen in their eyes, not even the whites. Some are said to have blue or blue tinted skin like a corpse. Many reports have noted a sense of uneasy from eyewitnesses, as if something was wrong with the child or something bad would happen to the eyewitness themselves.

They are usually met near abandoned or deserted areas, though they can appear at your doorstep. Sometimes it is just one child, other times it is two. They are described as looking confident, yet shy. They avoid your gaze and look down. This is to hide their eyes. They also speak with an eloquence far beyond their apparent age.

They often have characteristics and speech patterns of an adult and may even mimic the voice of an adult. They will try to enter their target's home or vehicle, asking for help from someone unknown danger or by needing to use a phone.

They will sometimes be seen out side of your home, playing. When noticed, they will stop their fun and immediately stare at you. They may even try to approach you for help or a ride home.

Some people begin to help the children, despite the unknown gut instinct telling them to run. They don't even know why the request for help is unsettling. However, should you ever see their eyes, they will become angry and insistent that you do as they say. Some have aid that it felt like they were using low-level mind control (ESP) to make the victim comply.

None of the encounters explain why their eyes are completely black or where the children come from. It is believed by some that they are the spirits of lost or murdered children, and they are the harbingers of ill will and personal doom. Others believe they are descendants of aliens or are themselves aliens from outer space.

Many reports emphasize that the children must be voluntarily admitted or invited into the house or vehicle, sort of like some vampire folklore. Unfortunately, no one knows what happens if you give into their demands. This may indicate the death of the victim.

Here is a video from the show, Ancient Aliens, that mentioned Black-Eyed Children about 2/3 into the video.

*NOTE: This blogger doesn't necessarily believe in aliens. If aliens do exist, they would know to stay away from a species that is stupid enough to destroy the only planet it lives on. Why would you want to study stupid?*

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