Monday, November 9, 2015

Under the Bed

A family was on vacation and checked into a cheep hotel. They got two rooms, one for the parents and one for the brother and sister. When the children entered the room, they noticed a horrible smell and told their father.

The dad called management and told them the room smelled and they wanted a new one. Management said that all he could do was send a maid to come clean the room because they were all booked up for a convention that was in town. The father consented and took his family out.

When the family returned from lunch, they went back to their rooms. When the kids opened the door, the oder still remained, so they told their father. He called management again, complaining about the smell, but he was told that there was nothing more to be done.

That night, the kids laid in bed and held their noses, trying hard not tho breath in the foul stench. Eventually, the fell asleep. The next day, the dad came to the room. When he walked in, he was hit with the smell.

Determined not to let his kids sleep with the oder another night, he began a search of the room for the source. He smelled the towels, opened the drapes, and looked in cabinets. The children helped by looking under the furniture.

The boy looked under the bed and saw that there was a hole in the box spring. He and his father removed the mattress. What they found was horrific. Stuffed in the box spring was the decomposing body of a woman. The boy then realized he had slept inches from a corpse.

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