Friday, August 25, 2017


by T3h-Hugging-Monster

The Langsuir is the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth to a stillborn child. She is similar to the Pontianak, but there are some differences. She appears as a hideous woman with glowing red eeyes, a rotting green face and long sharp nails. She has long black hair that hangs down to her ankles and is usually wearing a green or white dress.

The Langsuir is jealous of pregnant women, so she attacks them and tries to kill them or cause their babies to also be stillborn like her child. She has a hole in the back of her neck through which she can suck the blood of her victims. She can also possess her victims and suck the blood out of them from the inside.

The Langsuir lives near the coast and when she can't find human victims, she drinks the blooe of fish to sustain her.

There is a way to prevent a pregnant woman who has died from becoming a Langsuir, place needles in both of her hands, glass beads in her mouth, and an egg under each armpit. It is possible to tame a Langsuir. All you have to do is cut off her long nails and stuff her long hair into the hole in her neck.


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