Friday, July 1, 2016

Killer Cop

One night, a woman hears a knock on her front door. She is worried as she wasn't expecting company. When she answers her door, she is greeted by a police officer, which she is relieved.

That is, until she hears him say that a murderer is in the area. The officer asks to enter the house to discuss the matter in further detail. Naturally, the woman wants to know more about the threat in her quiet neighborhood.

Upon entering the house, the officer shuts the door and locks it. He begins laugh, much to the woman's confusion. She asks why he is laugh and he reveals that he is, in fact, the killer. The woman tries to get away, but the man stabs her and slits her throat.

This urban legend is actually based on real events that inspire a real fear. Some people have actually been murdered in this way. However, the person who made this fear famous was Ted Bundy. He would lure women and young ladies to him by either fawning injury or by dressing as an authoritative figure, such as a police officer. The fear of police officers is call Policophobia.

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