Friday, August 25, 2017


The Pontianak is a ghost of a woman that died while she was pregnant. She appears ugly with pale skin, long black hair, sharp nails, and a white dress. She makes the sound of a crying baby at night to lure prey to her. If the crying is loud, she is far away, but if it is soft, she is close.

During the day, the Pontianak hides in banyan and banana trees. However, at night, she searches for human prey. She disguises herself as a beautiful woman that is walking alone at night to attract men to her.

She will suddenly change to her true form, plunge her sharp fingernails into the man's stomach, rip out his internal organs, and devour them whole. Sometimes, she will even suck their eyes out of their heads.

The only way to stop a Pontianak is to hammer a nail into the hole in the back of her neck. This will changer her into a beautiful woman and she will be a good wife. However, should the nail ever be removed, she will become a Pontianak once more.

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  1. Did you mean Kuntil Anak? Because Pontianak is the name of my hometown