Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Old Woman of Ostankino

The name of this district comes from "ostanki", which means " remains in Russian. The television towere which stands there was built on the sight of an old cemetery.

Some 500+ years ago, the Old Woman of Ostankino first appeared. She appeared to the first ruler of Ostankino, Boyar Satin, and forbid himfrom tilling the land because it would upset the dead. She was chased out of town and the land tilled. Soon after, the Boyar fell to disgrace and and was excited.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

El Naddaha

El Naddaha is a sea nymph like genie. Her name means "the caller" in Arabic, making her akin to the sirens of Greece. Many people in rural Egypt, and some in other cities, still believe in her to this day.

She is said to be tall and beautiful, with long black hair flowing down her back. She wears long transparent dresses and lives in the Nile Delta. At night, particularly nights of the full moon, she comes out of her watery den and sits on the shore, waiting for a young man to walk buy. She usually goes for men traveling alone, though she can appear to a group but only picks one of them.

She calls their name and hypnotizes them. They follow her to the river where they swim to their deaths or drown in the cold water. The next day, she does it all over again. If you were to stop the man "called" by El Naddaha, you would become cursed. Your life would become a living hell until you are finally driven to suicide.

In rural Egypt, she will call to men in their homes. They become called "the kidnapped by the caller". They say her call is loud and clear with a sad, melodic tone to it. It takes three days for the call to take effect. The "kidnapped" will spend this time in a semi-catatonic state before finally running away with El Naddaha.

She has been known to fall in love with her pray on rare occasions. When this does happen, she will take him to her watery den where they make love for months on end. However, she eventually kills him in the fear he might escape. She buries his bones in her cavern. The next day, she returns to the bank to hunt again.

Those who have encountered El Naddaha said that they ran away before getting a good look at her face. None dared look her in the eye. If they had, they wouldn't have been alive to tell their stories.

Grey Lady of Cambridge Military Hospital

The ghost of a nurse is said to roam the halls of this now abandoned hospital. It is said that, in life, she had accidentally overdosed a patient, who later died.

She killed herself due to the grief this caused her. It is said that she was a sister nurse in aiding the healing of wounded soldiers. Now, she is a ghost.

One, Two, One, Two

In South Korea, getting good grades is a big pressure for Kids. Parents are strict when it come to academics. Many kids hire tutors and even go back to school just o study. Many areas have a school library curfew of 10pm! Many kids stay up late studying and then fall asleep in class, which is a huge problem.

Sun-Hi was a girl who would often sneak back into school to study with friends. One day, they went about work as usual. Sun-Hi went to the restroom and told her friends she would be back. Only the library light was on and the rest of the school dark. The bathroom was only a few doors down the hall, so it didn't bother her to go alone.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Spider in the Toilet

This is a Blush Spider, scientifically known as Arachnius gluteus. In other words, the Butt Spider. According to the email going around, five Florida women with seemingly no connection all had the same symptoms. They all had fevers, chills, and vomited a lot, followed shortly after by muscular collapse, paralysis, and death.

The autopsies showed no injuries to the body that would entail death, though their blood had a high level of toxins. When looking into the women's days since symptoms began, they all frequented the same restaurant. The airport eatery was shut down, but no sign of toxins were found anywhere inside.

Island of the Dolls

On a hard to reach island near Mexico City, Mexico, a little girl's spirit is said to roam. The man who found her dead body on his floating guarden's shore 50+ years ago, Don Julian Santana, was haunted by her tortured spirit. He found a discarded doll in the water. In honor of the little girl, he decided to hang the doll on the tree.

However, one doll wasn't enough. Any doll that he caught floating down the river ended up in a tree. Some dolls have missing limbs or heads, some body parts are missing dolls, and some are a modge podge of different body parts. Some dolls have been bleached while others look fairly new. When Don Julian couldn't find dolls in the river, he would buy some on his rare trips to the city. Soon, every tree was filled with dolls.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest is known as Romania's Bermuda Triangle. As the legends goes, this forest ia protected by spirits. These spirits have died in horrible ways. It is said that the wind carries the whispers of women, possibly from beyond the grave.

It is also said that people have come down with physical ailments, such as rashs, fevers, headaches, burns, extreme thirst, and anxiety. Also, those who have evil and dark thoughts lurking in their heads tend to see things the most. While they aren't the only ones, those with evil in their hearts and minds tend to be punished in those woods.

Room 202, Fort Garry

The Fort Garry Hotel is known for Room 202. Many years ago, a woman was said to have committed suicide in the closet after hearing of her husband's fatel car accident.

Employees have said that they sometimes see blood dripping down the walls. Guests have reported seeing a woman in a cloak at the foot of their bed in Room 202. In 2004, former Ontario Libral MP, Barbara Chamberlain, staid in the room and said that someone was getting into her bed twice.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Ghost of Old Finch Road

It is said that a girl was murdered on her birthday many years ago at the Old Finch Road Bridge. It actually common for shady acts of crime and violence to happen near this bridge.

She was tossed into the river below after goodness knows what happened to this poor girl. Her body was never found. The bridge was probably the last thing she saw when she died, so it would make sense she would haunt it.

Single Braid

There is a road near the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is called Single Braid Road. A horrible tragedy is said to have happened on this road.

A girl wearing a single long black braid. She was an illegal immigrant and he was traveling with her boyfriend. They were on the train going by the university.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Carmen Winstead

This story is also called "Chain Letter" and "They Pushed Her". You will see why in a moment.

Carman Winstead was forced to move to Indiana because her father couldn't find a job to pay bills. It was the middle of the school year and no one was interested in getting to know the 17 year old new girl. Most days saw the girl walking to class alone.

Then, one day, five girls started to talk to her. Things started to look up for dear Carmen. That is, until she found out the five were talking about her behind her back. She called them out.

El Tunchi

El Tunchi is a spirit that protects the rainforests of the Amazon. What it is, no one can really say. It could either be the combined spirits of those who took their last breath in its woods or the spirit of a man who got lost and died among the trees.

Either way, it attracts its victims by whistling a short tune. The more you hear it, the more the urge to whistle back becomes. Once you repeat the tune, the eerie wraith descends upon you. Locals don't respond to its whistle and urge tourists to do the same. No one wants to aske the Spector to come play, after all.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hanako-san of the Toilet

Hanako-san is a famous, test of courage, hope you don't really have to pee type ghost. Supposedly, Hanako-san began haunting the third stall of the third floor girl's bathroom in the 1950s. At the time, Hanako was a famous name to give young girls. She is supposed to be a WWII era girl. Her stall always has a crude "Out of Order" sign hanging from it. Even if the toilet works, the sign appears there.

How this poor ghost came to be varies. One person will say she was killed in when the area next to her school was bombed and the building collapsed while she was playing hide and seek with friends. Another person will say he was a victim of bullying and committed suicide in the third stall of the girls bathroom on the third floor. And a third person will say she fell from a window, supposedly on accident,but you never know.


Shirime is a ghost with no face and an eye on its bottom. The name "Shirime" is made with two kanji characters, 尻目. When translated, it literally means "Butt Eye".

The story goes that, many years ago, a brave samurai was walking to Kyoto alone late at night. Suddenly, a strange man stepped onto the samurai's path from the shadows.

"Who goes there?" demanded the warrior, hand on his sword.

13th Floor

Buildings that go over twelve stories skip the number thirteen. Why? Well, it could be because that the Last Supper had thirteen people at the table (Jesus, 11 loyal apostles, and Judas). Or the execution of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th. Actually, the reason is because of a building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has only 13 floors.

They say that, if you find it, the owners will actually have you sign a waiver saying they aren't liable if you get maimed, injured, have a mental breakdown, killed, etc. Upon entering, you will have to work your way up to the top floor. Each floor you go up gets scarier than the last.

The Call from Mary-san

If porcelain dolls aren't creepy enough, now there is a Japanese urban legend about one. A young girl got a Western style doll when she was young. She named it Mary-san, though some stories say that it was named Licca-san because that was a Barbie type doll popular in Japan at the time.

As the girl aged, she played with the doll less and less, but their bond never wavered. That is, until the girl and her family moved. She left Mary-san at the house, along with a few other toys and things. The landlord took what was left behind and sent it to the dump. Not long after, the girl was settled in her new house.


Everywhere you look now a days, you will see a sign against bullying and abuse. This is a good thing. We don't need another Hikiko-san roaming the world. Bullying and abuse are bad enough without that.

Hikiko-san is a young girl. She gets beaten by her parents at home, causing her to be slightly deformed. This deformity causes Hikiko-san to be bullied by her classmates. One day, it all became too much for her and she committed suicide, though some say she was killed by her father. Either way, the girl comes back as a human hating spirit.

Schneider’s Alley

Schneider's Alley is now known as Andrew's Walk. You can find it on Google Maps under that name. It is a long, winding path among trees to an old mansion.

In early 20th century Adelaide, Australia, Dr. Schneider acquired his mansion, where he lived with his wife and two daughters. It is said that they lived their happily for five years when the good doctor's family died. He then went mad in his greif. On the 40 sq. km. around the house, it is said he treated his patients away from his family in a cabin he had built. After his family's death, this cabin that used to help patients became a place of torture.