Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bad Neighbor

One calm, cool day in the middle of Autumn, a woman got up early to cook breakfast for her husband and two sons. After they had eaten, the father announced that he was taking his eldest son hiking in the woods behind their house. They also planned to do some fishing in the river that flowed through the heart of the dense forest.

The youngest boy wanted to go too, but his father said he was still too young to accompany them . Instead, he told him he would have to stay behind and help his mother in the kitchen. The boy was very disappointed but he obeyed his father and did not complain.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Curse of Colonel Buck

Colonel Buck was not what you'd call the most virtuous man in town. He had an eye for the ladies and he would chase them until he got what he wanted. Then he would drop them like a hot brick.

Well, Colonel Buck had a pretty maid working for him. It wasn't long before he started noticing her and she, poor girl, started looking back. One thing led to another and one day, Colonel Buck turned out his pretty maid, seeing as she was unmarried and in the family way.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Killer Cop

One night, a woman hears a knock on her front door. She is worried as she wasn't expecting company. When she answers her door, she is greeted by a police officer, which she is relieved.

That is, until she hears him say that a murderer is in the area. The officer asks to enter the house to discuss the matter in further detail. Naturally, the woman wants to know more about the threat in her quiet neighborhood.