Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Call from Mary-san

If porcelain dolls aren't creepy enough, now there is a Japanese urban legend about one. A young girl got a Western style doll when she was young. She named it Mary-san, though some stories say that it was named Licca-san because that was a Barbie type doll popular in Japan at the time.

As the girl aged, she played with the doll less and less, but their bond never wavered. That is, until the girl and her family moved. She left Mary-san at the house, along with a few other toys and things. The landlord took what was left behind and sent it to the dump. Not long after, the girl was settled in her new house.

One night, the girl gets a phone call. It's the middle of the night and she's tired. She walks downstairs to answer the phone.

"Hello, I'm Mary-san. I'm at the dump now," said a voice on the other end.

The girl simply hung up, thinking someone was playing a prank by pretending to be Mary-san. Then the phone rang again. The girl receives several calls from Mary-san, who was moving closer to the new house. This frightened the girl.

"Hello, I'm Mary-san. I'm in front of your house," said the voice.

The girl ran to the door and opened it. She looked around and found... nothing. There was no one there. With relief, the girl brushed it off as a prank. Then, one last call came through.

"Hello, I'm Mary-san. I'm right behind you," said the voice.

The girl turned around and there stood her favorite doll.

The ending is up for debate. Some say Mary missed the girl's house and either called in tears trying to find her or called from Russia weeks later. Some say that, if you turn around on the last call, you die. Just one more reason to fear porcelain dolls.


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  3. This one is similar to the story of Mr. Whitemouth

  4. Welp all u need to now is don't answer that phone in middle of the night if ur Japan u might just see a doll come to kill u if u get that type of doll welp gl DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IF U HAVE A DOLL U LEFT BEHIND OR ATLEAST answer it the second time be a deep sleeper or put head phones in

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